Xenohormesis and the remarkable power of nature

Xenohormesis is a biological principle that explains how one organism can benefit from the stress response of another. When plants are subjected to stress, such as extreme temperatures, their survival mechanisms causes them to produce protective molecules – and these also have beneficial effects in the human body.

Maqui berries are a prime example of this. They grow under the harsh climate conditions of Patagonia, whereby the stress they are subjected to triggers the production of precious secondary phytochemicals: polyphenols. Some of the most valuable polyphenols, of which the maqui berry is extraordinarily rich in, are anthocyanins and delphinidins. Thanks to their antioxidant properties, they protect the plant perfectly against UV-radiation. It has been found that consuming polyphenols can have anti-aging and longevity effects by activating our own cellular stress response. 
To harness the power of Xenohormesis, incorporate antioxidant-rich foods into your diet. For added support, explore our standardized maqui berry extract Delphinol®

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Landscape of Patagonia, where the qualitative raw material, the maqui berries for Delphinol come from

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