GLP-1 and Delphinol®

Did you know that Delphinol®, derived from the Patagonian maqui berry, has been linked to a positive influence on the satiety hormone GLP-1? An in vitro study revealed that Delphinol® induces higher levels of the satiety hormone GLP-1. GLP-1, or Glucagon-like Peptide-1, plays a crucial role in our glucose metabolism and is responsible for the feeling of satiety. 
So, a game-changer during the festive season, where tempting treats can often lead to unwelcome cravings? Delphinol® not only induces GLP-1, but has also been shown to balance sugar absorption, thus flattens sugar spikes after a meal. 

This makes Delphinol® a valuable ally in managing our metabolism and helps us navigate the season of indulgence with better metabolic balance.

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Landscape of Patagonia, where the qualitative raw material, the maqui berries for Delphinol come from

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